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The Library currently supports and hosts several book groups. If you would like information about current groups, or if you are interested in starting a new group, contact Ann Cloonan at

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Adult Book Bingo 2021

Adult Book Bingo 2021

Friday, June 18 - September 1

All Day

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1.Read a book in the categories on the board and mark your progress online.
2.Completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, or each of the four corner squares is a Bingo.
3. The more bingo combinations you get the more entries into the raffle.
4. One book per square!
5. First prize is a Kindle Paperwhite, Second and Third Prizes gift certificate to local book store.
6. Go to to signup. Good Luck!
7. You will be asked to share what you read so make sure you keep track.
8. We have suggestions our website

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Women & Money Round Table on Zoom

Women & Money Round Table on Zoom

Wednesday, August 18

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

“How to Make Sense of Today’s Financial Market”

Presented by :Julia Strayer, CPWA®, CIMA®, CRPC® Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor and Liz Maccarone, CRPC® Senior Financial Advisor.

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