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Weight Loss Plans l lose Moscow. This Weight Loss Plans is as clear as Kutuzov s arithmetic problem. For example, under checkers, we have one less child and we must fight against each other. We must lose because we should not fight. When the other party has sixteen children and we have fourteen children, we are only one and one eighth weaker than the other, but if we fight out thirteen children, the other side is three times stronger than ours Before the Battle of Borodino, Weight Loss Plans our force was roughly five to six compared with the French after the battle, it was one to two, which was 100,000 to 120,000 before the battle and 50,000 to 10 after Weight Loss Plans the battle. Million. However, Kutuzov, a clever Weight Loss Plans and experienced player, was at war. Napoleon, Weight Loss Plans who was known as a genius commander, launched that battle, losing a quarter of its troops and lengthening the front. If he thinks that the occupation of Moscow is like the occupation of Vienna and he can end the war, he is wrong. There is much evidence that this is not the case. Napoleon s historians personally stated that he wanted to Weight Loss Plans stop moving after he occupied Smolensk. He knew the

danger of lengthening the front and knew that the occupation ketogenic weight loss diet macros of Moscow would not be the end of Weight Loss Plans the war because he saw it in Smolenke. What scenes did those Russian cities leave for him He repeatedly expressed his willingness to negotiate but he did not get a reply at all. Napoleon and Kutuzov were both Weight Loss Plans involuntary and pointless in launching and receiving the Borodino battle. But later historians used these fait accompli to strongly prove the foresight and genius Weight Loss Plans of the two commanders. In fact, these commanders are only historical tools and far infrared rays weight loss are the most rapid tone weight loss ingredients unfree and involuntary activists in all how weight loss effects helath involuntary historical tools. The ancients left Weight Loss Plans us with many examples of heroic epics. The heroic figures Weight Loss Plans in the ancients Weight Loss Plans have caused widespread attention in history. However, we cannot yet get used to the weight loss habits fact that such history has no meaning for our human era. On another question How did the battle of Borodino and the Battle of Shevarkino hit There is also an extremely obvious, well known, and completely wrong concept. This is described by all historians When the Russian army withdrew

Weight Loss Plans

from Smolensk, it looked for the most favorable position for the Weight Loss Plans battle of the General Assembly and found such a position in Borodino. From Moscow to Smolensk, on the left side of the road, almost at right angles to the Weight Loss Plans main road from Borodino to Ujica, where the battle was, the Weight Loss Plans Russians built fortifications there beforehand. In front of this position, an outpost to observe the enemy s situation Weight Loss Plans was established in the Weight Loss Plans Shevarkino Heights. On the 24th, Napoleon attacked this outpost and seized it. On the 26th, he began attacking all Russian troops who had entered the battlefield of Borodino. This is recorded in the history books, and this is completely distorted. This point, any person who is willing to study the truth of the matter can easily find out. The Russians did not seek the best positions on the contrary, they had relinquished many of the better positions than Borodino. They did not defend any of these positions Kutuzov s reluctance to adopt was not the position of his choice because people s demands for the congressional battle were not strong enough but also because

Milorovich, who led Weight Loss Plans the reserve force, had Weight Loss Plans not yet arrived There are other myriad reasons. In fact, the positions previously held were relatively strong, and the Borodino position the location of the congressional battle was not only not strong. Weight Loss Plans Weight Loss Plans Compared how to lose weight healthily and fast to any place in the Russian Empire, even if it was casually using a needle to insert a place on the map, it was Not like a Weight Loss Plans position. The Borodino battlefield strivectin diet pills at the right hand side of the road, at right angles to the road, was not only not fortified, but before August 25th, 1812, he never expected to play at this location. A big brother. The following facts can illustrate this First, not only did there not be trenches weight loss dvd workouts before the quick weight loss best way twenty fifth Weight Loss Plans day, but also those trenches that began to dig on the twenty fifth day were not dug into the eft weight loss script twenty sixth second, the Fortress of Chevalkino The situation proves that the Shevarkino Fort, in front of the battlefield, is meaningless. Why is it better

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