Friends Poetry Contest


We received 65 poems from enthusiastic poets ages eight to seventeen.  The judges were impressed with the talent many of you showcased and they had a difficult time selecting top picks from the wide variety of poetry.  Although we prefer to announce winners at our yearly Ice Cream Social, with plenty of friends, family and whipped cream,  we continue to remain cautious about group gatherings. Below are the winners and a link to the winning poetry.  Well done!

Young Poets
Wind by Sarah Doughty
Family by Alex Todrys
Seas of Paths by Analise Braddock
Honorable Mention: A Young Foxes Winter Day by Harry Williams

Middle School Poets
After Quarantine (Even Now) by Sophia Suiu
Winter Blooms by Keira Schaefer
Despair by Ciaran MacMahon
Honorable Mention: The Journey by Clio Slocum

High School Poets
Reflections by Sofia Garcia
The Story of Them and Their Year in Colorado by Sofia Pansini
The Light on the Other Side by Olivia Tino